How to Pay Via our Rewards App

**Edit:  Most folks were successful using the app to pay this week.  A couple thoughts on making it work for you:  1) If you have already registered for an account, make sure you refresh and update before you use it. They make updates regularly.  2) There were only a few folks who were unsuccessful this week and they seemed to have connectivity issues at the Inn.  So, it is best to register, sign in, join your check, and pay from home where your wifi signal is probably stronger.

Here is how to pay via our Rewards App

1. Register or Log Into Your Account here:

2. After Signing in to your account Tap on the Inn Crowd Loyalty Club Link

3. Enter Date of Visit & Check Number.  We can give you this number over the phone after you place your order or in person when you pick up your order.

4. Hit Join Check to earn your points. You can then proceed to enter your credit card if you wish to pay with your mobile phone. 

Note:  If you are paying with the web app for the first time, you can't enter your credit card in advance.  You must join a check number first. After that it will save your credit card for future purchases if you wish.

If you'd like to visit table Up and View their Instructions, you may understand their instructions better:  Iphone Users  Android Users

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