February Tequila of the Month: Bribón

February Tequila of the Month: Bribón

If you attended our tequila cocktail making class this past October, you have had the opportunity to taste this ultra-premium tequila and meet some of our favorite tequila reps, Elizabeth and Michael.  If you regularly drink our Golden Margarita, you have indeed, been drinking Tequila Bribón.

Palm Bay International partnered with distiller Casa Don Roberto, a legacy family producer in the Jalisco region of Mexico to create Tequila Bribón.  Don Roberto Orendein is one of the forefathers of commercial tequila (we use Orendein Tequila in our house margaritas). The Orendein family emigrated from Spain in the early 19th century and began making tequila in 1924…Just a few years short of a century ago! The two organizations worked together to create Bribón.

Interestingly, Don Roberto was also a promoter of charreria, a popular Mexican sport similar to rodeo.  The sport has been described as "living history," or as an art form drawn from the demands of working life on the haciendas of old Mexico.

“Bribón” means a rascal or a rogue in Spanish. This name was chosen to capture the feeling of the independent, brave and charismatic man of the people. A person who makes his own rules and embraces the finer things.

Bribón uses only fully matured, 100 percent blue agave that ranges in age between seven to ten years old.  Jimadors harvest the agave by hand.  It is cooked for 18 hours. The agaves are shredded and the juice (or honey) is fermented in tanks using Don Roberto’s proprietary yeast strain and then double distilled in both pot and column stills to produce a clean pure spirit blending traditional and modern methods.

Meet our Tequila Bribón rep, Elizabeth Dames, WSET III, on Wednesday, February 19 from 6pm to 8pm.   Elizabeth is a Sommelier and spirits consultant with a background in personal, country club and corporate beverage management. Come chat with her and sample delicious Tequila Bribón. Elizabeth is one of the most knowledgeable women I know on the topic of wines and spirits.

Bribón offers three expressions.  We currently have all three at the Franklin Inn.  Our house Golden Margarita features the Bribón Reposado. The Blanco is used to create our Cucumber Jalapeno Amante Picante Margarita.  This Spice Lover's margarita also features a tasty Tajín rim. Tajín has a mildly spicy chile lime citrus flavor. Of course, the Bribón Añejo is best enjoyed neat.

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