Green Day Updates

Green Day Updates

Woo Hoo!  It's green day and I just got a hair cut.  I feel like a new woman. Many of you have asked what green means for the Franklin Inn.  

We continue with the highest sanitation and safety standards. Our dining room is still closed and food is carry out only, but....Our bar is now open and we won't chase you off our patio, if you'd like to linger, as long as you everyone is following safe social distancing.  Things are changing fast. Thank you for your patience with us as we adapt to this ever changing situation. 

Thank you for your support over the past several weeks. You guys are the greatest and we miss you. For the weekend here's details for the Inn:

* We still prefer that you call or place your order online. This helps us to properly social distance. Call 412-366-4140 or visit If you pay online, we can bring your food out to your car.  

* The bar opens at 4pm. Four people are permitted in the bar at a time to place drink orders. There are four social distancing spots marked off. The bartender will give you more details when you enter.  She can not take money since she is preparing drinks. Payments will be received by a different staff member.

* You can't stay in the bar. Weather permitting, you may enjoy a cocktail on our patio while waiting for your food order. Benches have been placed six feet apart. These drinks may not be taken home with you (see margarita to go options online).

* Return drink glasses to the dish bin on our patio and place empty take out containers in the trash bin.

* Please limit time on our patio to practice social distancing and accommodate those after you wishing to enjoy a drink while waiting for a food order.

* Front hall bathroom (previously the men's room) is temporarily a unisex bathroom.  It will be open for one guest at a time.

* To Go Margaritas may not be opened on the premise. These items are to remain sealed and placed in your trunk or a back seat where there is no passenger for transport to your home. A max of 64 oz may be purchased to go for those over 21 of course.

I can not thank you enough for all your support and encouragement during this trying time for all of us.  I hope to send you another update soon with even more changes towards welcoming you back.


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