Mexican Chocolate Yeti has Arrived at the Inn

Mexican Chocolate Yeti has Arrived at the Inn

Now Available at the Franklin Inn for a limited time, Mexican Chocolate Yeti.

Spiced chocolate drinks have been part of the Aztec and  Mayan cultures for centuries. Some say these chocolate beverages date back to 450 BC with the Aztecs. Mexican Chocolate Yeti Imperial Stout is Great Divide’s take on a champurrado, a traditional Mexican chocolate drink.

Beer Advocate gives it an Outstanding Rating - 93. Yeti promises you'll be treated to a sensory delight. Mexican Chocolate Yeti pours dark, thick and rich with an ABV of 9.5%. It's the perfect hearty beer for the colder fall weather and Mexican food.

Chocolate, coffee, vanilla, chiles and spices like cinnamon with Yeti's Imperial Stout base...what more could you ask for?  How about a limited edition 19.2 ounce can? Glad you asked.  It's waiting for you at the Inn.  Come try it while supplies last.  We think its legendary!

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