November Tequila of the Month: Tattoo

November Tequila of the Month: Tattoo

Meet Tattoo Tequila!

Tattoo Tequila is an artisan, small batch, super premium craft tequila.  CEO, John Atanasio, prefers to go by his nickname, Tequila John, because his surname is hard for many to pronounce.  Why the name Tattoo?  Being an artist himself, Tequila John was looking for a connection between artistic pursuit and his passion to create the finest organic and smoothest best tasting tequila in the world.  The word Tattoo resonated with him because a tattoo is an artistic representation of what one stands for.  Tattoo Tequila has only been available to the market for several years but has already gained quite a following for its smooth delicious taste and high standards. 

Tequila John entered the tequila trade by way of his time as a documentary film maker.  Due to the expertise he acquired while researching his films, he was sought after and hired by distillers who wanted to break into the growing craft tequila market.  Despite, his recommendations, these mass marketing distillers didn’t want to change their ways, so Tequila John decided to break out on his own and do something better.  He set out to create the champagne of tequilas by only using the best organic ingredients and processes.

Tequila John is extremely picky and buys his agave from only organic farmers with whom he has established relationships.  His 100% blue weber agave is also USDA certified organic. He uses a 200-year-old strain of Bordeaux wine yeast and his production follows organic distillation throughout the whole process of making tequila.  He has repeatedly petitioned the Mexican government to allow him to use the word organic on all his tequila expressions and has finally won approval to start including organic on his products.

His friendship with fellow tequila maker, Sammy Haggar, led him to be invited to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally where he unbelievably outsold Jack Daniels and became the official tequila of 75th Sturgis!  He now partners with Harley Davidson.  You can buy a $50,000 upgrade to your Tattoo Margarita at Cabo Wabo Cantina on the Vegas Strip and get a custom Harley Davidson motorcycle on the side.  Hmm…maybe we can add the $50,000 Tattoo margarita to our drink menu some day too.  For now, however, we suggest you try all three 100% expressions with a Tasting Flight or enjoy one of our featured cocktails:

Blanco – Tequila Cosmopolitan

Reposado – Strawberry Basil Smash Margarita

Anejo – Neat or on the rocks

Each Wednesday in November, any Tattoo Tequila Margarita will be available at Happy Hour prices all day. 

Mark your calendar! David Escobar-Martin of Vintage Imports, our Tattoo Tequila representative,  will be at the Franklin Inn for Tattoo Tequila sampling nights from 6 to 8pm on Wednesday, November 13 and Monday, November 25.  He’ll be happy to answer any of your Tattoo Tequila questions.  Give Tattoo Tequila a shot and let us know what you think.  Do you #LovetheSkull?  We think you will.


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