October Tequila of the Month, Cazadores

October Tequila of the Month, Cazadores

Cazadores means the hunter. This tequila's name is inspired by an experience of founder, Don Jose Maria Bañuelos, in 1922. He looked out his window to see a deer in his agave fields. "Something about the prideful, confident beauty of the stag struck a nerve with Don Jose — it was the perfect symbol for his new recipe for a smooth yet bold, highland tequila. “

According to legend, after he perfected his Cazadores tequila, Don Jose hid the recipe in the walls of his house where he guarded it as his most prized possession.  It remained a family secret until his grandson, Don Felix felt it was time to share Cazadores with the world. He built the first commercial Cazadores distillery in 1973 at the same spot in Arandas, Mexico where Don Jose saw the stag in his agave field.

The company is proud of the subsequent tequila ecosystem that was created and today powers the town of Arandas, in the highands of Jaliscio.  They say that all of the residents play a valuable role in creating their high quality, 100% agave tequila for the world, from the jimadores in the field to the taquerias who feed the bottlers after a long day’s work.

The stag imagery and name of Cazadores tequila give a nod to history and the company strives to remain true to Don Jose's original recipe.  However, today’s modern production process has evolved to reflect the growing demand for their tequila and their efforts to ensure a completely sustainable operation. Cazadores uses a seven-step fully sustainable and zero waste production process including a double distillation, double fermentation and a careful maturation process. Their production environment is all about sterile liquid and avoiding impurities in every way to achieve the cleanest taste possible.

Sounds like their history and operations are a recipe for success for Tequila  Cazadores. All of their tequilas are rated in one of the levels of recommended, good buy, excellent or higher. 

The Blanco is rated highest of its tequilas with a score of 93. This Blanco is on the 2017 Wine Enthusiast Top Spirits list.  Kara Newman, author and Wine Enthusiast Editor, writes of the blanco on their site, “Brisk, clean and herbaceous, this tequila is almost reminiscent of gin. The aroma has a spicy edge, plus hints of mint and dill, while the minty palate finishes with vanilla-coconut sweetness and mild baking-spice tingle. Versatile for a wide range of cocktails.”

We are featuring Cazadores Blanco in our Blood Orange Margarita.  Each Wednesday, during the month of October, all margaritas made with a Cazadores tequila are available at happy hour prices all day.  Representatives from the company will be at the Inn on Tuesday, October 8 and Wednesday, October 23 from 5:00 to 7:00 pm so that you can sample Tequila Cazadores. 



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