Passing of Chris Ribarchak

Passing of Chris Ribarchak

It is with a broken heart that I inform you that our general manager of almost ten years, Chris Ribarchak, has passed away. He fought hard to stay with us but #cancersucks. Thank you for your many kind words as you checked in on him at the Inn these past six months. We were praying for a miracle of healing but now I ask for prayers for his wife, Ammie, and their young son, Christopher as well as the many family members and friends who will dearly miss him. At 38, he was taken from us too young, but all who knew him were blessed to share any amount of time he was in their lives.

Chris was an outstanding husband to my sister and father to their son. He was good to my mother especially after she lost my dad. I saw how well he treated his grandmother, parents, aunts and uncles, siblings, friends, nieces and nephews. He was such an amazing uncle to my children and they will miss him.

Chris was also a great employee, cook, manager, brother-in-law, and friend. He was trustworthy and a hard worker. He was creative and had a good heart. So independent and strong but also shy so you many not have known how funny he could be. He preferred others be in the limelight. He gave his all to his employers, those he managed, and our customers.

The beer dinners, revolving IPA taps, Christmas Beer Giveaway, Ugly Holiday Sweater contest, and salsa of the week were among his many ideas. He created the original recipes for our black bean burgers, empanadas, chorizo stuffed portobellos, Jalisco tacos, the popular smoked corn beef quesadilla for St. Patrick’s Day, and so many other dishes you have enjoyed at the Inn. Many of the featured specialty margaritas were his creations including the tequila infusions you guys all love so much. He was a good leader. He didn’t make anyone do any task he wasn’t willing to do. He was a wonderful mentor to our staff. Many of the meals John and I donated to various places during the pandemic were prepared by him.

In his free time, each Monday, until he got sick, he volunteered to deliver Meals on Wheels. Chris coached baseball for his son and many other children. Right before he became sick, he had accepted a leadership role with more responsibility in the Greenfield Baseball Association. During the pandemic, he organized free meals for the community in Greenfield. He was active in his son’s school in the PTO and with their field days and special events. He touched so many lives positively in his 38 years. We are grateful that he was a part of our lives and we were all better with him in the world.

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