Tequila Takes Time

Tequila Takes Time

Wow! Pause before you take your next taste of tequila. A lot went into that sip. All the tradition, hard work, and time deserve a bit of acknowledgment. Can you taste all those efforts?

It takes over eight years to make a bottle of tequila...more than 3,000 days.

A one year old blue weber agave shoot planted today, will not be ready for harvest until around 2026 or 2027. These agave plants have a single life span of 8-14 years depending on the climate, soil and other conditions. Then, they have to be picked, cooked, fermented, distilled and bottled along with so many other details in between.

I'm not a math ace but I think that means you won't see añejo tequila from a shoot today on the shelf until at least 2030ish?

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