More Changes....

Well....Things are changing again.  Some changes have been imposed upon us and some have been instituted by us in order to serve you better. Thank you for your support and patience.
Here's what's going on...
  • 1. Outdoor Dining at the Inn: Our patio /tents are available to enjoy a delicious take out meal. There is no table service. We can give you plastic ware and we sanitize regularly and between uses. Order here. Our dining room/bar are closed.  The front hall bathroom is open. You can no longer drink alcoholic beverages on our premise (we hope this changes soon).  Margaritas-to-Go must remain sealed until you get home.
  • 2. It is mandatory to wear a mask into our building. Thank you for your support in helping us to protect the livelihood and safety of our staff and the health of other patrons.  We'll be happy to bring your order out to you if you can not wear a mask due to medical reasons.  Car Side Delivery Options are Available.
  • 3. New Software updates.  We made some changes to our POS/Online Ordering to improve service for you during these ever changing pandemic times. It has some neat new features that we will share with you as we learn them all.  Basically, all our technology will talk, whether you order via phone or online and there are opportunties for touchless service if you wish. Unfortunately, the Gift Card feature may not work for the rest of this week. Conversion is in the works. You probably will not be able to purchase or use gift cards for a few days.
  • 4. Changes to Loyalty Program. We have discontinued the Table Up Loyalty App. It is not playing well with the above changes.  The new POS has a loyalty feature. You will begin earning points for your purchases if you use the same phone number (I think) when ordering over the phone. If you have been using our online ordering and have set up your account with this same phone number, you will begin earning points. You will not have to join your check number anymore. When you earn a reward, you will enter a certificate number for that reward (Again, I think).  This "stock" loyalty program it is not as robust as Table Up but we will use it until we find something better that plays nice. Another bummer is that I can't transfer your points into this software. However, you will not lose your points already earned. I have to figure out another way to enable you to use them. As soon as I learn how to do all this, I'll send you a more detailed blog post or email with instructions on how to use your Table Up points and how to redeem your points from our new program. Hopefully, I'll have answers for you by next week. Thank you for your patience.
  • 5. And here's the yummy news that I prefer to share with you....
    • DIY Fajita Kits for 4th of July - Only 5 spots left.  Don't delay.   Visit this link for details and to order:
    • Chef's Special Burrito - Features sauteed filet beef tips, chile verde, roasted tomatillo salsa and Chilhuahua cheese. Served with your choice of two sides. 16.95
    • San Marcos Fish Tacos - Grilled flour tortillas, hand-breaded cod, our popular agave slaw, house made red pepper crema and your choice of two sided. 15.95
    • Roasted Corn Salsa, Tamales, Empanadas
    • Black Bean or Potato Pepper Soup - Frozen in Quarts
    • Margaritas to Go, Six Packs and Fill Your Own Growler
    • John's Ice Cream - Oreo or Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

Hours the rest of this week: 4pm to 9pm.
Closed Sunday. Closed 4th of July
412-366-4140 to order by phone
Online Ordering:

Some days the changes we all have to face make my head spin. I know you are facing your own challenges too. I remain positive and hopeful that things will improve.  Hang in there!  I am so grateful for you all. Love,

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