Traditional House Margarita Now Available to Go

Traditional House Margarita Now Available to Go

Have you heard the news?  Gov. Wolf signed the bill and we can now serve you cocktails to go. Yay!

Today and tomorrow we are offering our popular Traditional House Margarita. It features 100% Blue Agave Orendain Tequila, Triple Sec, our margarita mix, and love.

All you need to do is pour some over a full glass of ice and enjoy.  It's strong so don't skip the full glass of ice. Click here to see how easy it is.  We are offering two sizes. A quart makes 8 Margaritas/2 Full Mason Jars ($44). A pint makes 2 Half Mason Jars/4 Margaritas ($22). Add a lime and salt for $1. No more than 64 oz may be purchased.

You are not permitted to drink margaritas at the Inn or tailgate on our property. I hope that this will change soon. We miss having you here. For now, you will have to enjoy our margaritas at home.  You must keep your margarita sealed in a to go container in your trunk or separate from drivers or passengers.

You must be 21 to order and transport so don't send your teen to pick up dinner tonight. We will be carding everyone.

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