Updates for April 4

Carry Out Hours for Saturday: 3pm to 8pm
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April 4, 2020

We are so happy to be serving you. Thank you for all your kind words this week. My crew saw many of your social media posts. They are working hard, keeping everything sanitized, and social distancing when not at the Inn, so you can safely enjoy the food we prepare for you. It encourages them to see their efforts are appreciated. Thank you. 

Updates for today:

Mobile Pay = Car Side Delivery: If you successfully use our Web App to pay, we will deliver your order to you in your car. You don't need to sign a slip with the app, so there is no need for you to come into the building.  If you'd like to leave a tip, you can do it directly from the app too. (Tips are not necessary or expected. If you do leave a tip, it is divided among our bartenders and servers, many of whom are not working.) You will still have to come in to pick up your order if you are paying with a credit card (because you have to sign) or cash (unless you have exact change). If you want to give mobile paying a try, here are the instructions. 

A couple thoughts on being successful with the mobile paying.  1) If you already have an account, make sure you refresh and update before you use it.  2) There were only a few folks who were unsuccessful this week and they seemed to have connectivity issues at the Inn. It is best to register, sign in, join your check, and pay from home where your wifi signal is probably stronger.

Bring Your Own Pen:  If you will be using a credit card today, would you bring your own pen to sign with? This would be helpful.

Updated Take Out Procedure: To minimize folks in the building, we'll give you an estimated time to be at the Inn. When you arrive, please stay in your car. We will call you when you are able to come in to the restaurant to pick up your order. If you successfully used our web app to pay or you have cash and don't need change, we can deliver your order to your car.

And  now for the yummiest news of the day... (while supplies last)

Scratch Made Soups
Chilled in Pints: Chicken Soup
Frozen in Quarts: Black Bean

Peanut Butter Ice Cream Pie and Caramel Flans are in the house.

San Marco Fish Tacos - Grilled flour tortillas, hand -breaded cod, our popular agave slaw, house made roasted red pepper crema, and your choice of two house sides. 15.95.

Hang in there! We love you guys.


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